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    Ordinary Membership is for members serving in the hospitality and tourism-related industry including catering, event management, hotel and tourism sectors, with the privilege of bringing guests.

    I/we undertake to abide by the rules and regulations of the Society and to assist in achieving the objectives of the Society. The Society reserves the right to annul the membership of those who do not abide by its rules, regulations and spirit.

    I/we understand that The Vocational Training Council and The Dining Society will not be responsible for the loss or damage of members’/guests’ cars or other property whilst on the VTC premises.

    To view our privacy statement, please visit our website at www.tds.org.hk/tds/html/en/privacy.html.

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    I/we warrant that all information provided in this form is correct and complete.

    Student interests are our utmost priority and individual safety and campus security are of primary concern at the Institutes. Under special circumstances where students’ practical training schedule would be affected, the operations of the training restaurants would also be adjusted or suspended accordingly. Members would be informed of such arrangements as soon as practicable.

    There will be no refund of membership fee, and no transfer of membership will be accepted.

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    Thank you.