Advance BookingsAdvance Bookings :

To better allocate manpower and resources, TDS encourages advance reservations and appreciates cancellation notices of at least two business days in advance.

The seemingly ordinary dining operation at our training restaurants indeed involves intricate planning behind the scenes. Our trainees constantly look forward to every serving opportunity whether it is preparing food items in the kitchen or helping our guests with their dining needs in the restaurant.

Advance reservation not only allows us to assign meaningful tasks to trainees based on predicted figures, it also helps us reduce significant amount of food waste. We are proud of our freshly-made gourmet food policy, but it would be difficult to sustain this good practice if we consistently welcome walk-in guests or accept on-the-day cancellation orders. Operating a club with an institute background gives us tremendous privileges to network with industry and pave ways for our trainees, yet it excludes us from advantages and flexibility that commercial restaurants are experiencing.


Reservation RequestsReservation Requests :

Although on-line bookings with instant confirmations are completely technologically feasible nowadays, traditional ‘reservation requests’ give our front desk trainees opportunities to practice confirming bookings with members over the phone, thereby strengthening their language and communication skills and boosting their confidence.

Following the Government’s announcement on the escalation of measures to prevent and control the spread of the Novel Coronavirus in the community and the guidelines issued by Education Bureau, all member institutes of the Vocational Training Council (VTC) are to suspend face-to-face classes on campus until 19 April 2020. As such, TDS Training Restaurants will be closed until further notice.
Should you require any further clarification, please contact TDS reservations at 3717 7388 between 9:00-18:00.
We appreciate your understanding and support.
Thank you.