Operational Notes

The Dining Society

Operational Notes

  1. Training Restaurants

    1.1 The Dining Society and its Training Restaurants are located on

    1. the 8th floor of the VTC Kowloon Bay Complex, 46 Tai Yip Street, Kowloon Bay, Kowloon – Western Restaurant
    2. the 6th floor of the VTC Pokfulam Complex, 145 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong – Western Restaurant
    3. the 8th floor of the VTC Pokfulam Complex, 145 Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong – Chinese Restaurant

    1.2 The Dining Society’s Training Restaurants are open for lunch Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays), from 12:00 noon to 2:30 pm. The Chinese Training Restaurant will also usually be open for dinners on Friday nights.

    1.3 Food preparation and food and beverage services will be undertaken by students at the institutes.

    1.4 As the Restaurants are part of the training area, with training in progress, persons under 12 years of age are not admitted in the Training Restaurants.

  2. Membership

    2.1. Corporate:
    Membership for registered companies, societies or associations for their executive staff members’ use, with the entitlement of 3 cards, with the privilege of bringing guests and without voting rights. Cards under the same account must be issued together at the time of application or upon renewal.

    2.2. Ordinary:
    Individual membership for members of the hospitality and tourism-related industry including airlines, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, amusement parks, tourism boards, clubs, and events management services, with the privilege of bringing guests and with voting right. Spouse membership should be applied for at the time of application or upon renewal.

    2.3. Associate:
    Individual membership for those whose patronage is relevant to the practical training in the Food and Beverage Service, without voting rights; and with the privilege of bringing guests. Spouse membership should be applied for at the time of application or upon renewal.

    Please note: There will be no refund of membership fee and no transfer of membership will be accepted.

  3. Reservation Procedures

    3.1. Members are required to make bookings from 09:00 to 18:00, including on weekends and public holidays, by calling 3717-7388, by fax 2550-2001 or by email res-tds@vtc.edu.hk.

    3.2. Free parking during opening hours is available subject to space. Please advise us of your car licence plate number when making reservations.

    3.3. No one member shall have the sole use of the Restaurant. Bookings for parties over 8 persons must be confirmed in writing, subject to availability of space.

    3.4. To ensure each member has a chance for enjoying the TDS memberships, large tables will be discouraged. Members should reserve no more than 12 people per membership in the CCI Training Restaurant and 8 people per membership in the TDS Western cuisine restaurants.

    3.5. Restaurant reservations for each meal period will be restricted to no more than one month in advance.

    3.6. No standing orders for table reservation will be entertained. Each member must comply with the one month in advance restaurant reservation policy.

    3.7. Those members who do not fulfill their bookings without prior notice may forfeit their rights to membership.

    Please note: Membership is not transferable.

  4. Billing Arrangements

    4.1. The Society is a non-profit making organization. Food and drinks are generally charged on a cost basis.

    4.2. Sales can be settled by Cash or EPS or American Express Card or Visa/Master Card.

    4.3. There will be no service charge. Tipping of students is not encouraged.

    4.4. Membership card must be presented upon settlement of bill.

  5. Dress Code

    5.1. Proper business attire or smart casual is appropriate. No shorts or sport sandals are allowed. Students and Instructor-in-charge reserve the right to refuse entry to those whose attire does not conform to the requirement.

  6. Mobile Phones and Pagers

    6.1. All mobile phones must be silenced prior to entering the Training Restaurants.

  7. Replacement Card

    7.1. Replacement cards may incur a fee of $100.

  8. Undertaking

    8.1. Students are aware of the objectives and educational nature of the training experience. Conversation with Students and Instructors should be conducted in English or Putonghua in order to enhance communication skills and confidence. Members’ cooperation in this area would be much appreciated.

    8.2. The level of service may vary from time to time, according to the training progress of the Food and Beverage Service students. However, all efforts will be made to provide a consistent high standard of service.